etalx is a group of web designers, web developers, app developers, software engineers, and game developers.

We are formerly known as and are in the process of bringing you our new portfolio.

For now, check out our GitHub repositories

MIT License

We take every opportunity to provide all of our source code as open source wherever possible. Of course we allow our clients to dictate usage of their site code where needed.


All of our projects for the web are optimized for all popular browsers, ensuring that every customer or visitor you get sees your product the same way.


With our extended maintenance and website server hosting options, we can continue to take care of your website after it is up and running.


We always strive to maintain standards and best practices when it comes to code, style, and format. That means that any work we do for you is not hacked together. It's clean and reusable.


Keep up to date with our blog for the latest articles and tech help. We bring the news to you.


We keep our products lean and mean, which ensures optimal performance on any browser, any device, and any computer.